Friday, September 18, 2009

Gel Medium: My new Best Friend

As an artist I'm ashamed that it took me so long to discover the wonders of gel medium. Seriously. Why did I not listen to the hype. So many years of frustrated paper collage. So many painting that could have been brought to the next level. All those composition books that I altered with bumpy covers. The list goes on and on and on. Ok, starting to get lost in my morose thoughts of regret and sharp desire to do it all over. Did I mention that would take years and I'm already so behind in my crafts. So not a good idea to linger so let's move on to why I'm very in love with gel medium.

Project one: making pretty magnet by covering clothes pins with pretty scraps.
Cut paper to cover top, apply gel medium to paper or clothes pin, add paper, top coat with gel medium, add magnet to back, viola-pretty magnet great for holding papers. No bumps in paper. Dried clear. No need to add protective coat. Quick and easy. I whipped up a small army of them in less than 15 minutes.

Project two: covering a chipboard word book with decorative paper.
Have I mentioned that I love my cricut expression. I do. Especially when paired with design studio. So after designing and cutting out all the pieces of a word book (chipboard base, decorative papers to cover) the problem becomes how to adhere paper securely. Solution, gel medium. Apply gel to paper or chipboard base, add paper, smooth with a bone folder or old credit card, top coat optional. No bumps. Securely adhered. Everything I want in my paper covering. The books look great, well, a little naked at this point but easily fixed with embellishments.

So if you're like me and have tried all the other paper adhesions (is that a word?) for papers and collage this is the stuff to try. I think it works better than other glues and decoupage mediums because it a heavier body but still has some slip. Doesn't really matter to me how it works just that it does. Let's not forget to mention all the other things that can be done with gel. Altered book, absolutely needed for adhereing pages together. Image transfer, ok so I don't know too much about this but I can't wait to try it. And of course it's original use in painting, to add more body to the paint and extend drying time. So many more uses and thanks to the internet all at our fingertips. Let me close by saying that I will never be without gel medium again. It has become a permanent fixture in my crafting supplies. Do you think I'll get funny looks if I make a little bag to carry it around in. You know, like the ones for dogs. Just a thought. Guys have duct tape as a fix all, women have clear nail polish and now gel medium.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Disney Vacation

In a few short weeks we'll be making our annual pilgrimage to WDW. My hubbie and I met while both working there. Yes, that Pirate wench who sent you off on a boat to the carribbean was me and yes, I was your skipper, crocodile wrestler, snake charmer, and marriage counselor on the Jungle Cruise. Fun times...
So as you can imagine it's an important place to hubbie and I. This year we're going a couple days after our son's birthday. My baby's turning 5 and he's going off to kindergarten and I'm going to be a complete mess but that's not till we get back. In the meantime we'll be celebrating his birthday at Disney. A special dinner at the T-Rex cafe has been planned and greatly anticipated. We're also celebrating my dad's birthday while there. A family dinner at the Garden Grill has been planned and greatly anticipated. He, and the rest of my immediate family still live in central florida, so I don't get to see them as much as I used to. I made up some handmade gifts for them and will blog about them when I get back so as not to ruin the surprise. It's not much but I'm happy with how everything turned out.
Needless to say I'm excited to go on vacation and spend some quality time with my family at the happiest place on earth.

Mickey birthday card

Alice in Wonderland joy fold cards

I made a card set for my sister, I had to make one for my mom, too. I think she'll like the Alice theme I used though I have no idea if she's a fan or not. For some reason when I saw the digi stamps of the old engravings and thought I have to do something with these for mom. These turned out as well as the set I made for my sis and yet again I find myself wanting to keep them. Of course they are cards and eventually I'd have to give them away anyway, so I guess a clean break is for the best.
I used water color pencils to colorize the digi stamps. Glitz was added with glitter paint. A few embellishments from my stash were used to add interest.

Get it...adore-a door, which is what's behind the curtain. Am I the only one who gets my humor? Is it humor if I'm the only one laughing?

Angel wing joy fold card

I'm a big fan of the joy fold card. It's fun and interactive and just plain cool. I made a gift set of these for my sister. They turned out so beautiful. I hope I'm able to let them go when it's time to give them to her.
Using a pink pallet (my sister is so not I pink chic but I thought it would be funny) I adhered pattern paper to the backgrounds. I used digital stamps of butterfly wings, put them all together in paint shop to make a background paper, printed it out and aged it. Then I tore it into pieces to use in the front collage. While I was at my computer, I printed out digi stamp angel wings which I then applied glitter paint to, tore out and put aside for the collage. Using craft plastic and Home decor cart I cut out some accent pieces and added color with metallic permanent markers. After arranging and adhering everything I used glitter paint and fancy glues from elmers to add further glitz.

My favorite of the bunch. Pic don't do it justice. Think my sis will miss it if I don't include it?

Christmas cards

I was inspired by and article I read about Christmas crafting in July. I always rush around at the last minute trying to get things complete and all feel like I could have done more with more time. Of course now I have to worry that I had so much time and it's still not up to scratch. Hello, my name is Cheyenne, and I am my own worst critic. Now that I've admitted I have a problem I can take the next step. Is there a twelve step program for neurotics? or do I need medication? Don't answer that, rhetorical question...
Back to the cards. I learned through a MB that there's a design on the SB cart that can be used for square cards. Cutting the envelope first gave me the dimensions for my card. Add in some pattern paper, a couple more cuts from the SB cart, the monogram (SB cart), and I found I had a card that I could easily make en masse.

Front of card. 'C' is mounted w/ pop dots.

Inside of card. Not the best photo.
Card in envelope. I haven't decorated the envie yet.

Envelope closed. Attach sticker or maybe 3D embellishment to secure. Address on other side.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Link to my old blog

I took a second look at my first blog and realized I had a lot of stuff on it so here's a link to it from here. Whimsy Creations

My first freezer paper t-shirt

I've been wanting to give freezer paper a try but was having a hard time finding any. Can anyone say 'frustrating'? I put my ideas on the back burner and went on to do other things. Well about a week ago I was browsing the message boards at and came across a few t-shirts that were made with the cricut and freezer paper. Now all those ideas on the backburner started bubbling over and even more were being added to the pot. I had to find freezer paper. Seriously. Almost more than I had to breath. So it was a mission to find the elusive freezer paper. After asking around and reasearching I planned out my attack. Much to my surprise I found it at the first store I went to. How very anticlimatic and where was it the last time I looked in several stores unsuccessfully last time!? Pushing all those feelings aside I embraced my joy at having bagged my quary and headed home. Once there I went to my computer and prototype community 25 font and printed out the old epcot logo. It was a pain to try to get the freezer paper through my printer so I ended up just using printer paper and repositionable adhesive to cut the design out. I grabbed a shirt my hubbie rarely wore because he said it was too plain (what?) and went to work. It was a little tedious and it defineatly took longer to make and adhere the stencil than anything else but I loved the results. Much better than any iron on trasfers that I've used. Some day I'll master those to but today, it freezer paper. So with very little investment my hubbie has a one of a kind disney tee and th e tee that was destined for the bin was given a new life. It's a win-win.

I've bought some plain shirts for my son and can't wait to use my cricut to make him some cool shirts, too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Save the endangered Audio Drama

Time to fire up your imagination. Ready? Okay. I want you to think of a time, not long ago, before the advent of the television. Gasp! I know I'm asking a lot; to imagine a time before the brightly moving pictures of the TV. Is it even possible? What did people do? What should I be imagining them doing? Sitting in a cave wearing animal skins and grunting. Whoa, too far back in the annals of history. Bring it forward a bit...a little further...stop. You see a family sitting around a living room. In my head it's a farmhouse, don't ask why, it just is. Braided rugs are on the floor where the kids are sprawling as are the dog and cat. A comfy chair and couch are occupied by mom and dad, maybe even a grandparent or two. A few lamps are strewn about the room giving a warm glow to this Norman Rockwell scene. In the place of honor sits a large wooded box with knobs. What it is? Why would a box hold a place of honor in the living room? Listen. There's sound coming from the box. What is it? A radio! Yes, at one time a radio was as big as a TV. But what's that on the radio? Voices not singing or introducing the next song. They're talking. What's exciting about that? Listen closer. It's an Audio Drama. A story unfolding through sound alone. Listen to the actors as they take you through the twists and turns of the plot and into another world. Listen. Get lost in it...
Okay, back to the modern age. I'm not against the advances in technology that have taken us away from the 'simpler times'. What a hypocrite I would be. I'm just sad that a part of history is on the brink of disappearing forever. Watch the movie "A Prairie Home Companion" and you can see what it was like and how it is today. While the traditional way of performing Live is gone, the Audio Drama has adapted to it's new environs. Where do they live now? The internet. A wonderful modern invention that is helping us hold onto the past while moving forward at the same time. Small groups are gathering the world over to record modern Audio Dramas and posting them on websites for all to enjoy. But, alas, the Audio Dramas are still struggling to survive. You can help. Simply search the web for Audio Drama sites, download, and listen. Help spread the word by telling friends, family, and even strangers on the street of this terrible plight. Together we can make a difference and maintain a part of our history.

Help support Audio Drama by downloading one today.
Visit for original Audio Dramas.

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