Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Save the endangered Audio Drama

Time to fire up your imagination. Ready? Okay. I want you to think of a time, not long ago, before the advent of the television. Gasp! I know I'm asking a lot; to imagine a time before the brightly moving pictures of the TV. Is it even possible? What did people do? What should I be imagining them doing? Sitting in a cave wearing animal skins and grunting. Whoa, too far back in the annals of history. Bring it forward a bit...a little further...stop. You see a family sitting around a living room. In my head it's a farmhouse, don't ask why, it just is. Braided rugs are on the floor where the kids are sprawling as are the dog and cat. A comfy chair and couch are occupied by mom and dad, maybe even a grandparent or two. A few lamps are strewn about the room giving a warm glow to this Norman Rockwell scene. In the place of honor sits a large wooded box with knobs. What it is? Why would a box hold a place of honor in the living room? Listen. There's sound coming from the box. What is it? A radio! Yes, at one time a radio was as big as a TV. But what's that on the radio? Voices not singing or introducing the next song. They're talking. What's exciting about that? Listen closer. It's an Audio Drama. A story unfolding through sound alone. Listen to the actors as they take you through the twists and turns of the plot and into another world. Listen. Get lost in it...
Okay, back to the modern age. I'm not against the advances in technology that have taken us away from the 'simpler times'. What a hypocrite I would be. I'm just sad that a part of history is on the brink of disappearing forever. Watch the movie "A Prairie Home Companion" and you can see what it was like and how it is today. While the traditional way of performing Live is gone, the Audio Drama has adapted to it's new environs. Where do they live now? The internet. A wonderful modern invention that is helping us hold onto the past while moving forward at the same time. Small groups are gathering the world over to record modern Audio Dramas and posting them on websites for all to enjoy. But, alas, the Audio Dramas are still struggling to survive. You can help. Simply search the web for Audio Drama sites, download, and listen. Help spread the word by telling friends, family, and even strangers on the street of this terrible plight. Together we can make a difference and maintain a part of our history.

Help support Audio Drama by downloading one today.
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