Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog Award

Here's my first blog award.  Thank you Stacy from Love That Bug for giving it to me.  She has a great monkey-licios papercrafting blog.  Lots of great ideas.  Check it out.  Since this is my first award I think i'm going to ham it up a bit.  I'd like to thank all the little people who helped make this possible.  My DH for supporting my habit, I mean hobby.  My DS for creating with me and helping me with tough design choices.  My high school art teacher for teaching me the basics and my graphic art teacher for teaching me how to put it all together.  All the craft companies who make the supplies I need and the stores that sell them.  Last but not least, I'd like to thatnk all the creative bloggers who inspire me.

So along with the award I have to tell everyone 7 things about me.
1.  I was born just outside of Washington, DC.
2.  I attended 3 elementary schools.  One of them Flintstone Elementary.  That's really what it was named.  They had the Flintstones painted on the walls.
3.  I moved to Central Florida with my family when I was 6.
4.  I love Daytona Beach at night, in the off season.
5.  I worked at Walt Disney World as a pirate and a jungle cruise skipper.
6.  I met my husband while we were both working at Disney.  That's right, I got a paycheck, a prince, and a happily ever after.  Wishes do come true.
7.  I dislike the cold.  Why did I move to NY?  I must really love my husband.

I also have to pass this award on to 15 followers/friends.

Now with great power comes great responsiblity, or so they say, and this award comes with strings.
Say thanks to one who sent it to you.
Tell us 7 things about you.
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Light box: it's a good thing.

So I finally got around to making my light box.  You'll find the instructions here.  I used silver duct tape instead of the white or clear they suggested because that's all I had lying around and parchment paper instead of the fabric.  It works great!  Really is the best way to take photos of your arts and crafts and makes a huge difference.  My tips: The measuring was a bit time consuming but you don't have to be exact just close.  I sugest using a metal ruler and a utility knife with a fresh blade to make the cuts.  Be careful of your cutting surface as the knife cuts through like butter.  On to bottom, the small side pieces to make the lid should go on the outside of the 15" square so your 15" side pieces will fit on the three sides.  I wouldn't worry about it being pretty, no one's going to see it.  All in all, for under $15 I had a collapsible light box that took about 45min to construct.  When it comes time to photograph, it assembles in a minute.  A good investment and space saving.   Before and afters below.

100_3073.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3149.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3132.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3162.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coming soon: Light box

Obviously my photography work sucks.  In an effort to improve the quality of my photos, I have been searching the internet for tricks and tips.  I found quite a few good suggestions but the most useful information for me was found at deviantART.  It's a great site and worth browsing through.  There are some really talented artists there.  One of the suggestions was to make a light box so I don't have to use my flash and get hot spots and glare.  There's instructions to make a collapsable box/tent that I'm going to try.  Craft store here I come.  I should probably stop and get some first aid supplies, too.  Foam board is hard to cut through... 
If all is successful, I'll post the how-to and the results.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Cards

I love the art from Alice in Wonderland.  The book, though Tim Burton's looks really visually pleasing.  I found  clip art of the etchings and printed out a few of my favorites.  The with the Beyond Wonderland font I printed out some appropriate phrases.  Put together some paper flowers, cut a few butterflies from accetate, embossed some card fronts.  In no time I had the makings of a card set.  The pics are not the best but they look so much better in real life.  Time to learn more patience when photographing my work.

100_3155.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3156.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3158.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3157.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3159.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3160.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3161.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3165.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3164.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3163.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3162.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My version of the Tim Holtz grungepaper rose

I wanted to do some paper flowers and so did a google search for how to's.  One that kept coming up was the Tim Holtz grungepaper roses.  He has instructions on his site and there's a few videos on youtube.  After doing my research I turned on my cricut and got out my tacky glue and went to work.  For the paper I pulled out some old patterned paper and used ink and pearlx powders to make it look old and grungy but with some metallic sparkle.  I also painted the top with gel medium to seal in the pearlx  and give some flexibility.  These roses look so much better in real life.

Here's a pic of the finished flower.

100_3149.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Step one: Cut out four flowers.  I uses the shift shadow shape for the 7 petaled flower on my home decor cart.  I like this one the best though I did try the flower from plantin on shadow as well.

100_3059.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Step two: Cut small slits in between each flower petal.  This will help in rolling the petals later.

Step three: Cut a slit to the middle of  flower 1.  Cut one petal out of flower 2.  Cut two petals out of flower 3.  Cut 3 petals out of flower 4.  Do not discard any pieces.  You will need them all.  So you'll be left with one flower with 7 petals, one with 6, one with 5, one with 4, one with 3, one with 2, one with 1.

100_3057.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Step four: Take single petal and roll the curved tip over a toothpick, then roll entire petal loosely around toothpick to make your flower center.  Glue ends with a fast drying glue.  Tacky glue worked fine for me.

100_3060.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3062.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Step five: Repeat step four on 2 petal.

Step six: Next take 7 petal flower and overlap petals on either side of the slit lining them up as best you can to join the flower together making a cone like shape.  Glue together.
100_3065.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Step seven: Repeat step six on remaining flowers.  You should have something like this.  The 3 petal takes some work to get right.  I find the folding it over 2D to glue it then pulling it out to 3D works best for me.

100_3066.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Step eight: Using the end of a paintbrush, roll the ends of the petals.

100_3067.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Step nine: Cut off the base of all flowers but the smallest three or crush down the points of your cones by pushing the point flat on a flat surface.  Be careful, it's only paper and will tear.  I like to crush the points over cutting them.

100_3069.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Step ten: Place the flower center into the 2 petal, then that into the three petal.  The bottom will have to be cut off but wait till it's time to place in the rest of the flower.

Step eleven: Glue 6 petal onto 7 petal.  5 petal onto that.  4 petal onto that.  Cut middle from step ten and glue to the flower.
100_3071.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Step twelve: Fluff and fuss with your flower till you have it like you want it and let dry. 
100_3072.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

A few of my favorite photo shoots.

I'm a hairstylist and I have a friend who is a photographer.  Occasionally we work together.  Here's a few pics of our work and to see more please visit my blog CheyenneMarie: Hairstylist

I consider myself first and foremost an artist. An artist who is also a cosmetologist and lucky enough to be friends with a photographer. I love doing photo shoots. It's wonderful to be creative and let my imagination run wild. It's also fun to work with other creative people to achieve a piece of art.

A look at Adam's temptation.
Photographed by CJ Stanley. Model Jenaleigh.

Wishful Thinking
 Why do we always long for what we don't have?
Photographed by CJ Stanley. Model Lauren.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Chocolate Survival Kit

I can't take credit for this idea.  Wish I could because it's a great idea, but this is the brain child of one of the ladies on the cricut MB.  To see her post click here.  I thought it would be a great thing to make for the girls at work.  I'm still kinda new and everyone at the salon was very welcoming when I first started.  So it's really a big thank you to them.  I brought it in yesterday and they all loved it and thought it was so cute.  We all agreed that the raspberry Hugs were too good and highly addictive.  It was a quick and easy project with big time pay off.  I used PS for the letters.  In CDS I welded the oval and 'chocolate' to cut in one piece and glittered the letters.  The ovals and frame are from FMK.
100_3130.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3131.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cards made with A2 heart lace.

My cuttlebug came Monday!  I wasn't expecting it till Friday.  I couldn't wait to get it out of the box and craft.  Here's the cards I made with the A2 heart lace cuts and my new CB.
100_3106.jpg image by cheyennemarie1100_3105.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3104.jpg image by cheyennemarie1100_3107.jpg image by cheyennemarie1