Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feb Break Project

One week off school.  What am I going to do to keep my sanity with my son home?  How am I going to keep him from bouncing off the walls?  Time to plan some projects.  Armed with a supply list and with my son in tow, we enter Michael's.  One of the projects he chose to do was to make a treasure box.  We bought a wooden box for him to paint and decorate and while he was doing that I made this box.  I cut out squares of chipboard and covered with pattern paper.  Using my BIA machine, I punched holes in the sides and then threaded ribbon to join the sides together.  A little wire to form a latch and I have a working box.  Now that I have it, what do i put in it? 
100_3177.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Valentine for my hunny

So I know Valentine's Day has come and gone but here's the card I made for my DH anyway.  I wish I could have posted it before Vday, but knowing my DH, he would have visited my blog and ruin the surprise.  I designed the whole card in DS using the heart from IA and 'love' from HD.  I have found that using DS and pages feature makes it so much easier to get everything sized right, and to decide what embellishment to add.  I wanted a unique package for the card, my DH always makes fun of me for never making envelopes. I get so caught up in making the card that I usually just forget to make one and then it's too late.  So using my new Martha Stewart 'scor pal' and the measurements it provides, I made a box for the card to nest in.  I was very pleased with the results.
100_3129.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_3128.jpg image by cheyennemarie1

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring word book

This was something I made as a set for my in-laws as Christmas presents.  I made one for each of the four seasons.  Here's spring and with this maybe we'll get some warmer weather up here in NYS.

100_2901-1.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_2902.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_2903-1.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_2904-1.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
100_2905-1.jpg image by cheyennemarie1
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To busy playing with new toys.

Sorry it's been a while since my last post.  I got Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL), inkscape, and gimp software and have been busy trying to master it.  I still haven't but I'm weel on my way.  For those of you who don't know what this software is let me give some brief descriptions.  First up, SCAL.  This software allows you to be able to cut any true type font and .svg files with the help of your cricut machine.  It may also work with the other cutters out there, I'm not sure, I love my cricut and I don't look at other machines.  And yes, my cricut gets jealous, so I try to treat my baby right so he'll treat me right.  And yes, my machine is a boy.  I'm already surronded by males, it only seemed right.  Back on track, no more expensive font cartridges.  That in itself, pays for the software.  Have I mentioned all the free fonts and dingbats out there?  My font library is overflowing with options.  With SCAL you can also create your own designs, similar to how you would with cricut design studio only you're not limited to what's on the carts.  With the assistance of inkscape and gimp you can do even more.  Both are great programs in their own right, and this is where I'm still learning, when paired with SCAL you can do so much more.  Want to turn a coloring page into a cut file that you can layer?  With the help of inkscape you can.  Inkscape and gimp can be compared to photoshop or paintshop but they work with vector graphics while the others are bitmaps.  There's a wealth of video tutorials on youtube explaining in more detail and better than I'd be able to do.  I've been newly inspired and now I have to go play.