Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas 2010. Anyone else excited?

Cake in a box

What do you get the man who has everything?  This is the question we had to ask for my FIL's birthday this year.  It was a biggie bday, too.  The answer, what he likes best.  Gift cards.  Usually I'm opposed to giving gift cards.  I feel they're impersonal and a cop out.  I do however love to receive gift cards myself.  Conflicted much?  Back on topic now.  My FIL loves getting gift cards so on this occasion I made an exception to my normal rule and allowed the gift card to be given.  However... I could not, would not, give it in an card.  I could not, would not, give it in a envelope.  I would, and could, give it in a box.  Me an Dr. Seuss are tight as you can tell.  So, what kind of box to make... a cake in a box box, of course.  Perfect for my borderline diabetic FIL.  He can have his cake and spend it, too.
This was super easy to make.  Step 1: Take a piece of 12x12 paper, score at 4" and 8", rotate 90 degrees and repeat.  Cut the corner pieces away and you'll have a cross shape.  Fold the ends up to create an exploding box.  Start the top of the box the same way using a smaller piece of paper, I used 8x8.  Score at 2" and 6".  This will leave you with 2" sides.  Don't cut the corners out, just cut along one side to make a tab.  Fold ends up and glue tabs together on inside of box top.  Decorate as desired.  Don't forget to make pockets for the gift card and a sentiment.  Sky's the limit.
The cake is from the Sizzix 3-D three tier cake.  My pieces were cut using my cricut.  To see a video on it click here.  Make the cake and decorate as desired.  I like something like red line tape to adhere pieces together.  It makes assembly a snap and you don't have to worry about your cake falling apart.  It won't be doing it's pop up thing so you won't have to worry about what paper to use though I still use a heavy cardstock for the inner structure.  After the cake is done adhere to the center of the center square.
Add the top and tah dah! your cake in a box is done.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tissue paper candles

Yeah, I know what ya'll are saying.  Tissue paper candles?  What?  Paper + candles = fire!  I know.  That's why we only use the paper to decorate the candles.  The secret, using cheap candles that burn down the middle.  No expensive beeswax here.  The cheaper the better.  So how do you do it?  Take your garden variety gift giving tissue paper and either stamp on it or run it through your printer.  House of 3 (love them!) has some Christmas images specially designed for this or you can use any digital image you want.  Photo candles, anyone?  Once you have your image on your paper, cut it out.  I cut mine fairly close but don't go all anal and OCD about it.  Perfection is not required.  Save your efforts for something else.  Now take the cut out image, add a little reposition glue stick to help hold it in place, and place onto your candle.  Place a piece of wax paper around the candle leaving enough extra in the back to create a handle of sorts.  Pull it tight.  The wax paper will help to keep your candle smooth and keep you from burning your hands.  Grab your handy dandy heat tool and go to work.  The goal is to melt the top layer of wax enough for the tissue paper to soak in.  You'll see it get shiny kinda like with heat embossing.  Word of warning: don't heat the wax too much in one place or you'll end up with a hole in you otherwise smooth surface.  It's a super easy craft that takes very little time to make.  I'm a little addicted to it right now.  I wish my dollar store would get in pillar candles...  So here's a few I made as hostess gifts.  There's more but those are Christmas gifts so their big reveal will have to wait.

Given to a BIL and SIL for having Thanksgiving at their house.
Given to my BIL and SIL who are Disney nuts and throw a Halloween costume party every year.
I found this The Nightmare Before Christmas movie promo and printed it.
I found this ornate frame ( I think at The Graphic Fairy Blog) and printed it twice so the design is on both sides of the candle.  Glued on rhinestones for bling.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Digi stamps?

Okay, so I'm really liking digi stamps.  I love that I can make them any size I want and that each time I print them out they'll be perfect.  Downside, no embossing unless I go over it with a versamark pen.  Really not that big a deal for me.  Another downside, finding digi stamps that I like is difficult.  They're all too cutsie for me.  I have a dark and tortured artistic soul that balks at using 'hallmark moment' stamps.  I'd get kicked out of the cool moms with pink hair that wear a lot of black club.  I'd get my goth card revoked.  I wouldn't be allowed in Hot Topic anymore.  Nooo!  I guess what it comes down to is I haven't found the Tim Holtz of digi stamps yet.  That being the case, I decided to start designing some of my own, in my own style.  Who'd have thought all those art classes might come in handy?  They're coming out really good and I'm thinking of selling them.  Would anyone out in cyberspace be interested in purchasing digi stamps like these?  Or should I not waste my time setting up an e-store?  Any input would be appreciated.

   Update: So I've talked with my mother and sister about all this.  See if I can get them involved as well.  It'll be a bonding experienced and we'll connect with our inner child and each other...Need   more   coffee...Ok, so anyway, they're on board.  My sister has a more anime style and mom is going to put together some digi kits.  We're aiming for steampunk, punktorian, emo, goth themes.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall word book

Okay, so this final instalment of my seasonal word book is a little late but here it is anyway.  You can find the others on my blog under the word books tag.

Waterfall Book

This is a book I made for my DH.  He's so hard to buy for but luckily he likes to get these little books to remind him how much I love him.  I made this one for his birthday this year.  The book is made like a waterfall card.  It's a brilliant idea whoever came up with it out there in craft world.  Very fun and easy.  My DS loves to pull the tab and watch the pages shuffle back and forth.  Just google or youtube waterfall books for in depth instructions and to see the concept at work.
The theme to this book is love and has some of our favorite photos, and the few of me in front of the camera instead of behind it.  I used dingfonts and graphics I purchased at Lettering Delight to decorate.  I printed some elements onto cardstock (ex. swirly frames) and cut out with and exacto knife.  I then added some glossy accents over the top of those to give an epoxy sticker feel.  The flourish phrases I cut using SCAL and my cricut from an LD dingfont.  The flowers were cut with my cricut in various sizes and styles, I think they were all PS, and folded and curled to add dimension then joined together.  Distress inks and copper foil tape were used to finish the edges of the book and pages.  Add in some ribbon and a few extra embellishments I had in my stash and the book was done.
The box I made using the chart from my Martha Stewart Scor-pal.  I really like this tool and am glad I got this one over the actual Scor-pal.  The swirl on the top of the box is from the HD cart.  I added some crumpled tissue paper inside the box to bump the book up for a better presentation.