Saturday, October 1, 2011

Post-it note holders using bind-it-all

Not once have I regreted purchasing my bind-it-all.  It is a great tool and I use it alot.  It does take some practice but is easy to master.  I always keep the little book that came with it handy for quick reference.
I like to give small handmade hostess gifts.  It takes alot of planning and work to organize a party and I want to show that it is appreciated.  With post-it note holders being in vogue right now I put these together.
scrap chipboard covered in scrap paper and bound along the top with BIA

used mini monograms to personalize

Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy note cards

I think handmade card sets make for a practical and pretty gift.  I can customize them for the recipient who can then use them instead of a store bought card.  That's the theory anyway.  There are some (my mom and sister) who will not part with them.  They say they're too pretty to give away. some, lose some?  It's great to know that my work is admired but I want it to be used. So I started to make simpler cards that I'm hoping are still cute but not so cute that they are not used for their intended purpose.
Here is a set of note cards measuring 3x3.  I use this size as quick little notes for those everyday things that you want to acknowledge.  I have a set I made for my son that I'll hide for him to find.  It's fun for him and it's a way I can tell him I love him.
kraft cardstock base and scrap paper mats that I embossed with CB swiss dots

scallop circle is cut using cricut mini monograms at 2" with white galaxy marker used to dot and circle is a 1 5/8" punch

stamps are a Studio G set from Micheal's dollar bin

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Altered Acrylic Frame

Who doesn't love an inexpensive but beautiful gift?  I love that I can pick up a cheap acrylic frame from Walmart and add a flourish and a couple of flowers and have a boutique quality item at a fraction of the cost.  My family seems to enjoy that as well since they're the ones usually on the receiving end.  I made this frame for my in-laws.
The flourish was cut twice @ different sizes on Post-it CS I won from Joy's Life using the cindy loo cart.

Flowers are cut with SCAL and my cricut from a Penny Duncan rose file.  I used white CS that I sprayed with homemade glimmer mist.  I adhered them to the frame with glossy accents. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fragment Pendants

I love Tim Holtz.  He inspires my and opens my mind to new ideas.  After seeing him use his fragment pieces on tags during his 12 tags of Christmas and some of the other youtube video, I thought I would play a little.  These are some pendants I made for my mom and sister.
All images are from House of 3 which is sadly no longer operating :(

I print my images onto white CS I find in the printer paper aisle at Walmart or Target.  Makes for a better pendant.

To make: add glossy accents to the back of fragment and smoosh over image to get a good grab and no air bubble. Note: you don't need a lot of glossy accents.  A little goes a long way.  Allow to dry and cut around the fragment to remove excess paper.  I then use a nail file to smooth the edges of paper.  For the back you can add a layer of glossy or matte accents, contact paper or vinyl, or felt.
  Add a jump ring to finished pendants and voila! all done.  Put them on a chain, keyring, charm bracelet, zipper pull... ok, you get the idea right?  My fav: ball chain necklace. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mixed Media Postcards

I've decided that I love making postcards.  It all started with the Happy Thoughts box I made for my in-laws last Christmas.  I ended up with extra postcard blanks and thought my mom and sister would enjoy getting some as well.  Postcard dimensions are 4x6 so you can easily find frames to display them.
Inspired by the Flo and Big Money commercial

No offense intended to any soccer moms out there. It's an inside joke between my steampunk goth mom and me.

What can I say?  American Idol auditions were on.

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Mom claimed this one right away.  Remember when everyone was getting butterflies on the small of their backs?  this is what I imagine the punktorian version to look like.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Thoughts Box

I made this for my in-laws last Christmas.  The idea was from a Somerset Memories article.  The artist had altered a cigar box and made a mini album to do inside.  I altered a pencil case and added postcards inside.  The idea is to right memories and happy thoughts on the back of the postcards and keep them in the box.  My MIL decided to display them so everyone could see them.  Probably a better idea.
Flower from the dollar store. Old book that was headed for the trash. 'happy thought' cut with SCAL and cricut. Metal duct tape from home depot was embossed with cuttlebug and sizzix texture plate, then embellished with Sakura glaze pens.

The box was painted with metallic gold and copper craft paint.

Postcard dimensions are 4x6. I found it easiest to cut another piece of 4x6 or 3 3/4x5 3/4 to do my design on then adhere to the postcard.  This allowed me to emboss with my cuttlebug and still be able to have a flat surface to write on the back.  And as an added bonus it reinforced the cards which came in handy when my MIL displayed them.  I used a lot of different things from my stash.  Distress ink, Tim Hotlz stamps, M's dollar bin stamps, glitter, flocking, wet embossing, handmade primas, brads, various printables from Printable Heaven, Graphics Fairy, and Google search.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Twilight crafts

I aquired some Twilight cut files a while back and have been dying to do something with them.  I can't remember where I got the files but the designer is fantastic!  I love them to pieces.  My MIL is a fan so for her birthday I altered a t-shirt and a tote for her.
I cut the designs from freezer paper using SCAL and my cricut.  After weeding I transfered the design to the fabric and ironed it on.  This was more tedious than I let on but well worth the effort.  Apply fabric paint with a brush and let dry a little before removing freezer paper.  Taa-daa!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vinyl Wall Art

I'm trying very hard to get back into the swing of things.  To find the positive and come out of this a better person.  To help achieve this I've been doing some decor projects that I've been meaning to do for a while.  We're a Disney family.  My husband and I met while we were both working at the Magic Kingdom.  On our living room wall we have a set of four Disney World prints.  Each one represents one of the parks.  I added a quote from Walt Disney along the top: 'To all that come to this happy place: welcome.'  I thought it was very appropriate.  I want my home to be a happy place and I want people to feel welcome in it.  Looking at it reminds me to be happy.
I used white contact paper to cut out the phrase with SCAL.  The fonts used are inspiration, orange grove, and waltograph.  Once cut I colored the contact paper with alcohol inks before I weeded.  I didn't have any transfer tape so I tried blue painter's tape.  It worked but it was a massive pain to get the phrase to stick to the wall and not the tape.  Have to de-tack the tape even more than I did.  But after some patience I succeded.  I'm thinking about adding some mickey heads but we'll see.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dark days ahead

Sorry I've been MIA.  There's been a lot going on and I fear there's a lot more to go.  I've begun a difficult time in my life.  Don't worry, I'm strong, I'll survive.  Thank goodness for all the support I have in my life.  Without it I'd be wallowing in a deep well with no way out.  As it is I find myself in a dark place at times and have reconnected with painting to express these deeper emotions.  I have found it to help me focus.  I anticipate more of my upcoming projects to be influenced by my darker emotions.  Time heals all wounds and I'm waiting for mine to scar.  Here's one of the pieces I've done.
Closed Door
The colors are washed out in the photo.  It's a dreary day here and no matter what I did it still didn't photograph right.  It's done on canvas board with acrylic paint.  I used some dimensional fabric paint on some of the red so some of it would be glossy.  I think I'm going to add some chain around the door and maybe a padlock.  Time to go to Micheal's for supplies.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Wordart Freebies Part Three

Another Thursday freebie.  The last part of my Easter wordart.  This one I'm calling Spring Things.

To download click on links below.
spring time
april showers
for the birds

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cherry blossom frame

I have a co-worker who I've become good friends with.  Our situations are similar and we just clicked.  Which is kinda funny since when I met her I thought she was creepy friendly.  I lean more goth and she's more pep squad.  Anyway, she is also creativity challenged.  It's not something we talk about much and she's trying to get help.  It's hard to find support groups and out patient treatment for this sort of thing.  Long story short, I made this frame for her.
Take one $1 frame from Ms and apply 2 coats of glossy white acrylic paint.  Cut 2 cherry blossom branches from Home Decor cart out of pink CS, 1@ 3.5, 1@ 4.  Cut branch layer for cherry blossoms out of brown CS, 1@ 3.5, 1@ 4.  (Note: the cherry branch is the one w/flowers, the layering branch is the next button over.  Really they all go together.  Take a close look at the designs and you'll see there is a lot of 'hidden' layering options.)  Cut out single cherry blossom at .5 blackout.  Put branches together, color leaves green (I used my BIC mark-its), and adhere to frame.  Use an embossing tool and old mouse pad to make the flowers more real and add them to the frame.  I used stickles in the center of each blossom.
Cut 2 butterflies from Indie Art.  Mine is at 2.75.  Bend wings up and adhere just the bodies together.
I added a piece of blue ribbon to tie the blue of the butterfly into the piece.  The butterfly paper is from DCWV Mariposa.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Tree and Big Boutique Box

A couple years ago I made a wire tree to decorate seasonally.  I got the idea from a Valentines Day ad in a paper crafting magazine.  I fell in love and had to make a version for myself.  I took an old coffee can and added a pretty ribbon to it, put some floral foam in the bottom, and a paper circle to hid things.  I'll eventually cover it with paper but kinda like the industrial feel of it.  I grabbed some floral wire and got to work twisting pieces together and joining them until I got the tree feel I wanted.  I curled the rough ends for safety and aesthetics.  Now it's ready to decorate.
For spring, I used a butterfly cut I have for SCAL.  I cut one .25" shadow for every two regular cuts.  Keep the shadows flat and bend the wings up on all the others.  Glue one regular butterfly to each side of the shadow only adhering the body of the butterfly so the wings are free.  I punched small 1/16 holes to string fishing line from.  I recommend either punching them on the wing tip of the shadow or the head.  The middle causes them to fly upside down like kamikazi pilots.  I used seed beads to string the ones punched through the head or body.  I cut matching 5-pointed flowers, ran them through my cuttlebug with swiss dots, and attached them directly to the tree with wire.

You may have noticed the box it's sitting on.  It's from  They have a Big Boutique Boxes kit that allows you to make BIG boxes.  I used the octagonal box.  These boxes are really easy to put together.  They come with printable instructions and there's a how-to video on the site.  It took me longer to choose the papers than it did to make the box.  I made this one with papers from DCWV Mariposa and Elegant paper stacks.  I do recommend using a heavy weight CS for these boxes.  They are big and need the support.  I may add some paper flowers and flourishes to the top and a ribbon on the outside but I kinda like the simplicity of it as is.
I love the birdcage paper and am happy I found a way to use it so I can see it everyday.