Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cardinal Surprise

I came into the living room of my upstairs flat to sit in the sun while I drink my coffee and saw this cardinal sitting on the corner of the porch roof outside the window.  It was an OMG moment.  I grabbed my camera and tried stalking up to the window like a National Geographic photographer but I guess I need more practice.  Or a better zoom.  He spotted me and I had to snap this picture fast.  It doesn't capture how he was calmly sitting all fluffed up and content and scarlet.  It doesn't capture how surprised I was and happy to have seen this little guy so up close.  It does however capture the lingering memory of it for me.  Spring has to be on it's way, right? 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Swirly Easter Egg

I found an SVG for this swirly egg somewhere on the net (probably the CraftEdge forum) and fell in love with it.  This is my kind of Easter Egg.  I made this one for a layout I was doing for our annual Easter Egg Coloring at Grandma's.  All the grandkid's, well all but the two oldest, get together at Grandma's on Good Friday to color eggs.  Somehow, I'm in charge of it.  I have no idea how it happened but before I knew it I was setting everything up for all 8 kids.  I was conned I tell you, conned!  Anyway, so every year I have this LO to put together and after 5 years my inspiration was running a little thin.  The I found this SVG and I could here the chorus of angels and see the light and all that other stuff that happens during eureka moment.  I cut it out of white CS, coated it with glue and went to town sprinkling MS glitter in patches till it was covered.  I let it dry and tapped off the excess and gave it a coat of glossy accents so the glitter wouldn't rub off.  The shadow I cut out of cream CS and embossed with my CB and Swiss Dots.  I think I cut this out at 3.5".  I love it and can see smaller versions hung on my little wire tree as holiday decorations, or on a banner, or an egg shaped treat basket, or...(and I'm off to my art room)   
tried to capture the glitter in this shot.  glitter never photographs as well as it looks in real life.  sigh.
i wanted to show the embossing

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mickey Rosettes

I have yet to scrap our last Disney trip back in 2009.  I can't believe I forgot.  All the photos have been printed and now I just have to start scrappin'.  Did I mention that it's 136 photos.  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by it so I thought I'd start making embellishments.  My theory: so when I finally sit down to put it together I won't have to stop to make anything thus being able to get more layouts finished at a time giving me a positive sense of accomplishment.  Or maybe I'm over-thinking it.  Happens to all of us, right?
So, paper rosettes are big now.  I made a few.  I really need to get the svg file on for these.  Doing it from scratch isn't hard if you're only making one or two.  I made more than that.  Need.  That.  File.  They do look great, though.
used M&F cart for the mickey icon, PS for the circles, and MM for the scallops
i ran some of the circles through my CB with embossing folders to add a little something extra.  studio g glitter glue was used over the mickey icons.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Custom Laptop Decal

I wanted to decorate my laptop.  It was so black and boring and wasn't me at all.  So I grabbed my white contact paper and got to cutting.  Then I grabbed my handy dandy alcohol ink and added some color and texture.  Once dry, I carefully applied it to my laptop.  It's still not as blingy as I want it but this was my first time doing this.  When I get bored of this one I think I'll add some stickles to the next design.  It's fun to be creative and express yourself.
Pictures a little blurry.  It was a pain to photograph this without getting a glare.  Frame is from HD cart and mickey is from M&F.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Classic birdhouse from

Here's my first go at the Spring Birdhouse svg kit from  My son helped, well, he helped pick out the papers and pushed a few buttons.  It was easy to put together,with or without my son's help.  The toughest part was having patience to wait for the studio g glitter glue to dry.  I doubled up the bird and flower bases to make them thicker and more sturdy.  I used pattern paper for the roof but would suggest cardstock.  The PP works but CS would be so much better.
Cloudy days do not make for the best photo days.
Tweet, tweet!
'A pink bird!?' is what my son said when he saw it all put together.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Packaging Card Sets

I give a lot of card sets.  I spend time to design and make them.  I decorate envelopes to go with them.  They look great!  Now how do I package them to look professional and nice?  I was watching My Pink Stamper and she was using cellophane treat bags and cardstock to package her card sets.  Brilliant! -and easy.  Take a bag, slide in cards and envies, cut a piece of CS to the width of the bag and long enough to fold in half to top the bag, place the folded CS over top of bag and staple together, decorate as desired.  
Butterfly is from IA cart, scallop from MM
Scallop from MM cart, topper embossed with CB

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cutest 3D birdhouses ever!

I've fallen in love with the Spring Birdhouse SVG kit from  It's $6.99 but if you spend $9.98 or more you get it free.  So cute!  I've been looking for the perfect house cut file and I found it!  These are well structured and easy to put together.  My favorite part, the roof.  It's not just a rectangle folded in half and glued on.  It's more like a box top which lets you use it as a box.  They're easy to customize, it doesn't have to be a birdhouse.  As a bonus, there are milk carton SVGs included in the kit.  I love milk cartons.  I don't know why, I just do.  So head on over and check them out.  There's a video showing you how to put them together and while you're there, check out the Big Boutique Boxes SVG kit.  You can now make big boxes with your cutter.  I have many plans for this kit...


Monday, March 7, 2011

My Art Space. Warning: photo heavy!

Million dollar question: What's the best way to set up your art space?  Million dollar answer:  Well, if I knew I'd be a millionaire.  I'm not.  I only know what works for me and it's constantly changing as I use my stash and acquire more.  I reorganize my space several times a year and seem to be making small changes way more often than I need to.  We moved back in November and I claimed our spare bedroom as 'the Studio'.  I set up a make up table (more on that in another post), my art space, and an art space for my son that can double as extra room for me or a friend to create.  I love my Studio and spend a lot of time in it (it's also the warmest room in the house and it's been really cold this winter.)  So without further ado I present a bevy of pics depicting my much beloved space.
My son's art space, my sewing area, a place for a friend.
My art space.
I'm addicted to rubbermaid.  There, I admit it.  I use them for most of my organizing.  On top of my drawer tower is my homemade light box.  It's also a good place to set up my laptop when using CDS or SCAL.
The top drawer of my tower.  All my punches and BIA wire coils.
My stamps.  I use CD and DVD cases for my clear stamps.  I can organize them better that way. 
My inks and embossing supplies.  I LOVE distress ink.  I need more.  Also the Studio G ink from M's, one of the best white inks I've used.
Pearlx pigments, glitter, flocking, perfect pearls, etch-all, melt art mold, alchol inks, rubber brayer, crop-a-dile, and misc. 'junk'
Stickers, die cuts, and run-ons organized by theme into ziploc bags and envelopes.
My paints
Extra glue, BIA, paper crimper, label maker, and misc supplies that I don't use much.
My PC station.  It began life as a bathroom cabinet but is now the home of my Cricut and Cuttlebug.
It's also a great place to store those oversized items that just don't fit anywhere else.  The top cubby is where I have my cricut cartridges and overlays.  It has since been redone to fit into one photobox with CS dividers.  I'll do a seperate post on that.  The bottom cubby now holds by CB dies and embossing folders which live in a photobox.  The pencil cases disney marker stamps are now on the shelves under my desk.
My desk and main workspace.  I hang stuff that inspires me and quick references on the wall.  I've found that having a sheet with all my pen and marker colors helps me choose the right color and size easily.
I found this mail organizer at a thrift store.  It looks like ivory but is plastic.  I found that clothespins are great when gluing things and a business card holder is a good place to keep them handy but out of the way.
I couldn't find a pen holder that could hold all my pens and markers close at hand.  So I made my own out of a tissue box. 
My homemade glimmer mists, glossy accents, scotch quick dry, gel medium, and a few other often used products live in a box top on my desktop.  Another rubbermade holds adhesives, small tools, wire, and erasers.  My photos are stored in an accordian photo box I found on sale.
Shoe racks that fit perfect under my desk with room for me to still sit at it.  On top I store all my cutting mats and a bin that holds my color CS.  I have a power strip set up so I there's plugs in easy reach.

My flower box.  When I've got a creative block I'll put together flowers.  I feel like I'm still doing something and I can grab a finished one quick to add to my projects.
My 12x12 color CS bin.  I organize by color following the ROYGBIV standard.
A bin that I keep extra die cuts and blanks for altering.
My CB box which now lives on the bottom cubby of my PC station.  I've embossed all my folders and plates onto white CS and put them on a binder ring so I have a visual reference.
My mat/card making box.  I cut my scraps to a few different sizes to work as photo mats or be used in card making.  They're organized by size.  In the old cricut cart boxes I store squares in different sizes (1x1-3x3).
Brads and eyelets
Rhinestones and dew drops
Fibers.  This box is one my son stored his Hot Wheels in but then his collection got too big and he needed a rubbermade tower.
Prima type flowers which are now stored in a box like the one I use for my eyelets and brads.  This side of my son's re-purposed Hot Wheels box now hold die cut alpha pieces.  Makes my life a little easier.
Card box.
8.5x11 CS and PP storage.  Also holds scraps and smaller sized paper.  Organized by color.
My 12x12 pattern paper collection.  I can not close the lid.  I think i need to buy more...paper.  Organized by color or pattern.
This is where I store my themed pattern paper.
I fashioned heavy wire into hooks to hang my heat tool and glue gun.  Also joining them is my new mini craft iron.
Storage for my CB plates, extra blades, templates, and to-go art kit.

I'm still decorating and didn't even show you the closet.  It holds my blank bin (a milk crate that holds 'gift blanks' that I have on hand), my reference books and magazines, and stores alot of my husband and son'd extra stuff.  I love my space and am thankful I have a loving husband who understands and indulges me.  It helps that my son is turning out to be just as creative in art as me and in music as my husband.  He needs his space, too.