Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Wordart Freebies Part Three

Another Thursday freebie.  The last part of my Easter wordart.  This one I'm calling Spring Things.

To download click on links below.
spring time
april showers
for the birds

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cherry blossom frame

I have a co-worker who I've become good friends with.  Our situations are similar and we just clicked.  Which is kinda funny since when I met her I thought she was creepy friendly.  I lean more goth and she's more pep squad.  Anyway, she is also creativity challenged.  It's not something we talk about much and she's trying to get help.  It's hard to find support groups and out patient treatment for this sort of thing.  Long story short, I made this frame for her.
Take one $1 frame from Ms and apply 2 coats of glossy white acrylic paint.  Cut 2 cherry blossom branches from Home Decor cart out of pink CS, 1@ 3.5, 1@ 4.  Cut branch layer for cherry blossoms out of brown CS, 1@ 3.5, 1@ 4.  (Note: the cherry branch is the one w/flowers, the layering branch is the next button over.  Really they all go together.  Take a close look at the designs and you'll see there is a lot of 'hidden' layering options.)  Cut out single cherry blossom at .5 blackout.  Put branches together, color leaves green (I used my BIC mark-its), and adhere to frame.  Use an embossing tool and old mouse pad to make the flowers more real and add them to the frame.  I used stickles in the center of each blossom.
Cut 2 butterflies from Indie Art.  Mine is at 2.75.  Bend wings up and adhere just the bodies together.
I added a piece of blue ribbon to tie the blue of the butterfly into the piece.  The butterfly paper is from DCWV Mariposa.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Tree and Big Boutique Box

A couple years ago I made a wire tree to decorate seasonally.  I got the idea from a Valentines Day ad in a paper crafting magazine.  I fell in love and had to make a version for myself.  I took an old coffee can and added a pretty ribbon to it, put some floral foam in the bottom, and a paper circle to hid things.  I'll eventually cover it with paper but kinda like the industrial feel of it.  I grabbed some floral wire and got to work twisting pieces together and joining them until I got the tree feel I wanted.  I curled the rough ends for safety and aesthetics.  Now it's ready to decorate.
For spring, I used a butterfly cut I have for SCAL.  I cut one .25" shadow for every two regular cuts.  Keep the shadows flat and bend the wings up on all the others.  Glue one regular butterfly to each side of the shadow only adhering the body of the butterfly so the wings are free.  I punched small 1/16 holes to string fishing line from.  I recommend either punching them on the wing tip of the shadow or the head.  The middle causes them to fly upside down like kamikazi pilots.  I used seed beads to string the ones punched through the head or body.  I cut matching 5-pointed flowers, ran them through my cuttlebug with swiss dots, and attached them directly to the tree with wire.

You may have noticed the box it's sitting on.  It's from  They have a Big Boutique Boxes kit that allows you to make BIG boxes.  I used the octagonal box.  These boxes are really easy to put together.  They come with printable instructions and there's a how-to video on the site.  It took me longer to choose the papers than it did to make the box.  I made this one with papers from DCWV Mariposa and Elegant paper stacks.  I do recommend using a heavy weight CS for these boxes.  They are big and need the support.  I may add some paper flowers and flourishes to the top and a ribbon on the outside but I kinda like the simplicity of it as is.
I love the birdcage paper and am happy I found a way to use it so I can see it everyday.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Wordart Freebies Part Two

I think I'm going to make Thursday my freebie day.  It could be anything depending on where my creativity takes me.  That being said, here's part two of my Easter wordart.  I think I'm going to call this one Basket Case.

To download click links below.
jelly beans
easter eggs

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rosette Cards

Not too long ago I posted Mickey Rosettes.  I made these the old fashioned way and they were a little tedious.  I got the Accordian Fold Rosette SVG set from Lettering Delights and it was so worth it.  I cut out two, one in glitter CS from target and one from a heavy weight pattern paper (can't remember whether it's from DCWV, M&MBI, or AC).  They both cut nice and folded easily.  I did have a little trouble with the glitter paper but that was mostly due to my inattention.  Even with user error I was still able to assemble it faster than if done by hand.
Now that I had these two rosettes I needed to do something with them.  I have a bunch of card blanks I make up when I run up against artist block so I took a couple out and my scraps and went to work.
Shape card is a blackout from storybook cart folded in half and embossed with swiss dots.  edges inked with broken china.  center medallion is made with UTEE, see this post for details. 
Gate fold card.  again the handy dandy swiss dots was used.  center another UTEE medallion layered over a homemade 'prima' (how to will be in a future post but youtube is full of tutorials)

when I showed my son this was how you open the card he thought it was so cool.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Card Set

I've been loving the Oishii SVG set from lettering delight.  Seriously cute.  While I was at Micheal's, without my husband and son (retail therapy, anyone?), I found a Studio G clear stamp set in the dollar bin that matched!  They're tiny so I've dubbed them Oishii mini me.  Perfect for 3x3 note cards.  The sentiment is 'i think you are...' with a 'cool' popsicle, a 'sweet' ice cream cone, a 'hot' pepper, and some 'cheesy' swiss.  I wanted to make a set of simple cards embracing the 'less is more' philosophy'.

Note card is 3x3.  Mat is 2.75x2.75 and embossed with swiss dots.  Blue scallop is from mini monograms and cut at 1.5 real dial size on.  White circle is a 1 3/8 punch.  To get a smooth surface to stamp, I used my fiskars dual sided embossing tool to smooth out some of the dots.  I used prismacolor pencils to color stamp.

And, of course, I couldn't stop there.  I had to pull out SCAL and do some matching A2 cards.  Mat is 4x5.25 embossed with swiss dots.  White CS strip is 2x5.25.  Distress inks used to ink edges and Sakura pens to add a little something.  Love the Sakura Stardust pen!  Use it on everything.

cake cut at 3in.  embossed with fiskars grass texture plate and sizzix diagonal.

cupcake cut at 4.059.  wrapper embossed with fiskars swirl texture plate.

Popsicle cut at 4.634.  Stick embossed with fiskars zebra texture plate.

Ice cream cut at 4.734.  cone embossed with a homemade lattice plate.  ice cream embossed with a sizzix plate from a valentine set.

And when you put them all together in an acetate bag what do you get?  A fun gift!  I kept the packaging simple to go with the simplicity of the cards.  The topper and strip are scraps from the card making process.  They had to get used sometime.  It was inevitable, Mr. Anderson.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Wordart Freebies Part One

I've been playing around with Inkscape and Gimp trying to get a better grasp on what I can do with them.  It's Easter time and so I thought it would be good to start of with that as a theme and do some wordart.  I can handle that.  I designed them in Ink and converted them to PNG and JPG in Gimp.  So to be clear, there are 3 files for each wordart.  SVG, PNG, and JPG.  Cut them, print them, use them on digital projects.  I'm breaking them down into a couple sets.  Today's is the Bunny Set.

To download click on links below.
bunny hop
chocolate bunny
easter bunny

Monday, April 4, 2011

look on the Sunny Side card

Yes, another Lettering Delight project.  And another Oishii SVG set cut.  I loved how my sprinkled with fun card turned out and how easy it was to cut and assemble.  Have I mentioned yet how really easy it is to cut and assemble LD SVGs?  Well, it is.  They also have lots of dimension built into the designs.  If any of you are familiar with how the Cindy Loo cart cuts you'll understand.  Back on track now.  I turned to my son and asked which one I should cut next.  He said the egg.  I said which one.  He said you pick. 
This is an A2 card.  Background is 4x5.25, strip is 2x5.25.  Egg is cut using SCAL at about 3.5.  I cut all the pieces out of white CS and used my Bic Mark-its to color.  The cheeks were colored using Sakura souflee pen.  I used Paper Glaze on the egg white and dried the top layer with my heat gun.  I overheated the edges to make it look more cooked.  I think it worked great.  More experimentation necessary.  The yolk I covered with Glossy Accents.  After some research on egg puns I computer generated my sentiment and printed it out.  'Sunny side' got a coat of Sakura glaze pen.  Egg and sentiment are adhered with foam tape.  It still looks a bit naked to me so I think maybe I'll go back with a few rhinestone below the sentiment.  Then again, maybe I'll just leave it be. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sprinkled with fun birthday card

Here's another Lettering Delight project.  I got the Oishii SVG set and have been going to town.  At first I was like 'why does my food need to be happy to see me?' then I was like 'well, these are kinda cute.' then my son was like 'ha,ha those are funny!' so I asked 'do you want me to get these?' and he was like 'yes, get the food.' and I did.  I like this set so much more than I thought I would. 
This is an A2 card (4.25x5).  I used SCAL and it's print and cut feature.  The background piece is 4x5.25 and the oishii cupcake is about 3.7.  I ran the cake part through my CB with Swiss Dots and the wrapper with a sizzix texture plate.  Sprinkled with fun is from DB Hello Cupcake.  I broke it apart in SCAL and cut it in 3 layers.  Once everything was together I grabbed my BIC Mark-its, Sakura pens, and stickles to embellish.  I also added some Elmer's 3D scented glue for the frosting to give it a more 'hand-frosted' look.  The cupcake and sentiment is adhered with foam tape.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Baby Shower gifts

I had a baby shower to attend for one of my friends at work.  She's a great person and is going to be a great mom.  She's someone who appreciates the thought behind the gifts she receives.  Being a handmade gift giver, I had to make her something from the heart made with my two hands.  It had to be gender neutral since the sex of the baby was a surprise for everyone.  I applaud they're patience but it really made it difficult for the rest of us.  Lol.  I found out the color of the nursery was Tiffany/Robin Egg blue.  OK, somewhere to start.  I'll make a banner for the shower that she can use in the baby's room.  Blue, black, white, and lets throw in some pink and bling (not too much, could be a boy).  I made the banner so the medallions tied together with bows so they could be rearranged if the new mom desired.  It turned out really cute and everyone thought it was great.  It was hung in the nursery the next day.  I also decorated an acrylic frame with leftover paper from the banner.  I love how it turned out and am so glad I bought the Cindy Loo cart.  it's fabulous!  The card I made using SCAL and it's new print and cut feature.  Love it!
Font is Cindy Loo, scallops and circles are mini monograms, sakura stardust pen to accent, eyelets to connect each medallion with ribbon

'miracle' from home decor, cutest deer in the world  and tree from cindy loo, rose is a penny duncan rose cut using SCAL.  For more Penny Duncan click here.  She is a fabulous designer.  Check her out.

Thought this little pregnant chic was perfect for my friend who worked as a hairstylist until a week before her due date wearing the most stylish maternity wear ever and at least 2 in. heels.

It's a girl!  Eva Catherine was born healthy and happy.  I've got a few ideas for future gifts...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Milk Cartons

I mentioned that I'm in charge of the annual Easter Egg coloring at Grandma's, right?  Well I am and as such I feel like I should provide treat bags of some sort.  Last year I made mini milk cartons for all the kids and filled them with candy.  I'm not a big fan of loading kids up with candy so the mini size was perfect.  It was a bit of a pain to score them all but I have recently acquired a SVG file from that has the score lines included so I'm hoping this years attempt goes much faster.  The milk carton SVG is included in the Spring Birdhouse Set which is so cute.  I have many plans for changing them up for the seasons.  I think they'll be my go-to house files.
The scallop circle was cut using SCAL.  The bunny and sentiment was computer generated and printed using GIMP.
The tops of theses cartons are sealed but the bottom opens to access the prize inside.  On a side note, my son discovered that a hot wheel car fits inside perfectly.

Ethan's Room Sign

Lettering Delights came out with the cutest SVG sets called Weather Boy and Weather Girl.  I HAD to have WB.

I've been meaning to do a sign for my son's room for ages and with him home sick yesterday I thought it would be the perfect time.  He was able to pick out the font and colors and even which weather boy he wanted to be.  I LOVE how it turned out!  Really looks great on his door. 
I used SCAL to cut everything out.  I was able to lay out everything to make sure it fit.  It's about 11"L x 6"H.  Font is Minnie.  'Plaque' is a round corner square frame SVG I picked up on the net.  I don't remember where but I'm pretty sure it was from the CraftEdge forum.  Letters and WB attached with foam tape.  Hair and cheeks were colored with BIC permanent markers and Sakura glaze pen was used on eyes and 'stitching'. 

Lettering Delights is giving away a Silhouette SD

That being said, expect a lot of new projects from me using Lettering Delights products.  My inspiration run-ith over.  For more information, contest rules, and details click here.