Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beeswax canvas board

This is the piece that kicked started my creativity again. It's been missing for so long and I'm thrilled to have it back! I have always struggled with expressing my emotions. I'm never able to find the words to properly explain how I feel. So naturally I turn to art as a way to express myself. I also like using song lyrics, quotes, and poetry. More often than not they say it more eloquently than I ever could. I was looking for a quote that was appropriate to tell a certain special someone and came across the one that became the inspiration for this. 'Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away, and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart.' It's perfect.
I've been loving adding this beautiful shade of blue to a traditional valentines pallet. I painted a 5x7 canvas boards with a coat of white craft paint and let dry. I then brushed on a coat of Elmer's Glue All and waited for it to get tacky. Don't let the glue dry all the way or it won't crackle. I used a baby blue craft paint over the top and watched the magic. While waiting for the canvas to completely dry I started melting my beeswax in my Ranger Melt Pot. I also used Fotofusion to print out the quote, wings, and face onto white tissue paper (the kind you use in gift bags not to blow your nose). For my printer I have to tape the tissue paper to a sheet of printer paper to get it to run through. I also cut out acetate hearts in different sizes using my cricut and the home decor cart. I colored the big one with cranberry alcohol ink and the small one I colored with a Bic Mark It. Now to put it all together. Using the beeswax as a kind of decoupage medium I put the tissue pieces down. The melted wax will saturate the tissue making it practically disappear leaving the printed image standing out. I used my heat tool to remelt the wax and move it until it was how I liked it. The wax adheres the acetate hearts too. Just be careful using the heat tool around the acetate because it can start to melt. I added loose gold and white embossing powder and melted it in. It was a challenge to melt the embossing powder and not melt the beeswax too much. Everything get a little fluid if that happens. What I found worked the best was heating the wax enough so the powder would stick and heating the powder slowly. It was worth the effort as I think the powder adds a nice finishing touch that makes it look more cohesive.